3D Artist,  Modular Designer,  Texture Artist

Welcome to R-Lab.  My name is Rakshaan and this is my portfolio.


More designs and models coming soon for Unity Store.  Watch this page and keep in contact for support, updates and latest realeases.  :) 

Sketchup Art
Fancy Staircase

Fantasy style stair case. Video Game concept art.

Panel Doors Kitchen Unit

Designed to scale for an actual cupboard construction.

Fancy Render

I used Maxwell Render plugin in attempt to Get realism.

Maxwell first Render Test

Testing my rendering skills with Maxwell Render plugin in Sketchup.

high gloss modern kitchen2_edited

This is my best render from Maxwell Render Suite for Sketchup so far. I left my computer on over night so it could compute this high resolution image.

Full kitchen classic

Render done in Blender.

Full kitchen classic

Render done in Blender cycles engine, export from Sketchup.

Sky Cruiser RS

A Battle Cruiser hidden above the clouds. Used as a base of military operations and counter militia.

128 by 128

Ready made for unity game Engine this creature is animated and AI ready. Just bake a Navigation Mesh in Unity and this creature will come to life.


The Space Ranger one is a free model that can be downloaded from the link below. :) ITS FREE! I love this model since it is my first good looking spaceship design after many failed attempts.


Available on Unity Asset Store. The Cyclone is my first game asset approved by unity store and my first to go up for sale.

Scifi Corridor

A render test done in unity of a sci fi corridor. Its not perfect yet so far from release.

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